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Who is qualified for these great benefits

These great benefits cannot be given to anybody.

It is beyond description and difficulties to become a Major League Player.
In America, over 20,000 rookies participate in recruit every year, and only 1,500 will be selected (13.3% ratio of successful applicants).
Less than 6% of applicants enters Harvard, but becoming a Major League player is more difficult than entering Harvard stochastically.

The competition among players is not different from others. Every player in the world dreams to be in the Major League, so a number of players from different parts of the world apply for it.

For this reason, some great pro-players from Korea or Japan enter Major League, or they try to advance to Major League through Minor League first.  Not only top-talented players from Asian countries but also from Central and South America are introduced into Minor League through armature contract.

Recently a number of Major Leaguers from Europe such as Germany and Netherland are produced, and the number continues to increase in Australia and New Zealand. It expands internationally as a player from South Africa makes his debut in Major League.

In short, about 2,000 top-players in the world give a challenge for Major League every year, but only a small number who passes the competition can enjoy the great benefits of Major League. ‘Major League’ is the top of a tower built with blood, sweat and tears.

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