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League Division

League Division Series and League Championship Series

After the regular season, the post season begins around the end of September or the beginning of October where the advanced teams from each division for the World Series are selected.
First two teams with high winning rate from 1st winning and 2nd winning teams from each division can enter into a wild card, with a total of five teams competing with each other per League.

Two teams who move into a wild card will play a single round match with the winning team entering the League Divisional Series. From the winning teams, two teams with the highest winning rate compete with each other and two other teams with the 2nd highest winning rate plays with one another. They play the best of five game series.
Two winning teams from each division in League Division Series enter League Championship Series for the best of seven games.
Similar to the League Division Series, teams from the same League compete against each other in the League Championship Series. A final winning team will advance to the World Series.

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